~making my dream art into reality by making your reality into art~

Friday, February 3, 2012

DREAM HORSE ~ art into reality~

(White charcoal pencil and Prismacolor pencils on black Artigain paper)

   This is a drawing I drew of my dream horse. It is what I've envisioned and am currently looking for my dream horse (a big black medieval draft horse for riding). I came up with the idea of using my artistic talent to raise funds to purchase just the right horse I've been dreaming about. What makes this horse even more special is knowing that I made my dream become a reality through my artwork.
   So, until then, I am taking commissions of turning your realities into art by offering to create special drawings for you, of your favorite pets or loved ones.  I am putting these commissions in a special account and anything remaining up to the purchase of this horse will go to a horse rescue of my choice at that time.

Also, I am still looking for my dream horse! If you know of a black draft mare, or preferably know of one that needs rescued, please let me know.

   If you would like to commission me for artwork please email me at artintoreality@gmail.com

(I will be accepting work on a first come first serve basis and will contact you when I am ready for your work. A price list and info will be posted soon)

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